Wild at Heart

A Review…

The prince slays the dragon, rescues the princess and swoops her off into more fairy tale adventures. According to Eldridge, this captures the deepest cry of a Man’s heart, a soul-level longing for a battle, a beauty and an adventure. Am I am Man? When the question is misanswered by the failure of our earthly fathers, the heavenly Father is the only one who can heal it. Written in novel-like prose, Eldridge explores masculinity in a gripping, insightful and motivational style which resonated with my innate man-ness. Being low on explicit Biblical references meant it was difficult to weigh his ideas against Scripture. But whether it’s Christianised popular psychology or legitimate application of Gospel Truth, the book usefully stimulates certain areas of thought, particularly in its exploration of God as the original Father-figure and masculinity as a broken but fixable soul-encoded identity.


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